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3WayLinks Review

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It used to be a very common practice for webmasters to exchange links with each other and it worked very well in getting your website ranked in the search engines for specific keywords. Unfortunately, this method was over used for many years and the search engines eventually began discounting or perhaps even ignoring exchanged links altogether. As a result of this action, many webmasters began to exchange links in a different fashion that was known as 3 way linking. If you would like to automate the process to a large extent, 3WayLinks can help.

Actual User Feedback:

"Less than a month later, the traffic to one of the sites I had added had tripled!"
Actual User Comment from

"rankings in the search engines went up dramatically within just a couple of weeks"
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"After five months of testing, I can finally say that it is a system that actually delivers on what it promises."
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What it Claims to Do:

3WayLinks is the brainchild of Jonathan Leger, an Internet marketer that is well-known and respected in the marketing community. He understands the authority that three way links can give to your website so he set up a network that allows webmasters to exchange these links automatically in this fashion.

The network can help your website to rank in a number of different ways and after you have been in the network for some time, you will see that your website is moving up through the search engine results without any extra effort on your part. The networks are kept small so that they are untraceable and there are no footprints on the pages which contain the back links. This makes the network very secure.

What it Actually Does:

3WayLinks does an excellent job at getting you back links without having to give a reciprocal link in return. As long as you have two webpages from your website that are indexed in the search engines, you can submit it for approval. A simple PHP page that is placed on your website will begin to add links automatically and gradually.

Inside your small network of perhaps up to 500 different websites, you will begin getting backlinks as well. These links will be content rich and keyword specific, which will help you in your search engine rankings. Although they are not targeting specific niches, you're guaranteed to have links on your webpages that are coming from websites with page rank.


We have been using the 3WayLinks network since its inception and have seen a lot of good for being inside of the network. Some of our websites have gone to the top of the Google search engine results without any other linking, whatsoever. Although, you will not get a number one ranking for a very difficult keyword, it can certainly give you a boost for the long tail and get you additional traffic into your website. We would recommend that you use this on your own websites, as it has the ability to get you additional traffic effortlessly.