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How to Boost Your CTR

If you have a business on the Internet, one of the things that you are probably most concerned about is your click through rate. This important number tells you the amount of people that click on the link and it is usually expressed in the form of a percentage. Some people are happy with a 2% CTR while others would expect a minimum of 40% or more. If you would like to boost your numbers, there are a number of different things that you can do.

The first thing you need to understand about improving your click through rate is that it is going to be an ongoing process and you should never be happy with the numbers, no matter how high they get. You should constantly be testing different variables on your webpage in order to find out if you can increase the numbers, even just a little bit. Remember, a fraction of a percent can make a big difference whenever you're talking about large numbers of visitors over the course of time.

If you're trying to boost the CTR from ads that are running through the Google Adwords program, there are a number of ways to do it. First of all, you should make sure that ad matches the content of your webpage, as this will give you a higher quality score and your ad will show up more often and higher in the search results. You should also test various headlines, and continue testing as these will pull in the most traffic whenever they are written properly.

If you are dealing with people that are already on your webpage and you are trying to push them through to another product, there are also a number of different ways to boost your CTR in this case. One of the many mistakes that many webmasters will make is to hide their links from view. Remember, a very small percentage of your visitors are going to scroll down on your webpage so if you place the link below what they see when they first land on your webpage, you will simply lose those visitors to the back button.

Another way to boost your CTR is to ask for the clicks. Although this is not something that you can do with certain programs, such as Google Adsense, it is permissible with many affiliate programs. Make sure that you have a strong call to action and that you are pushing people in the right direction in order to click on the link. The more people that follow through to the advertiser, the more your bottom line will grow.

As long as you are constantly testing and tweaking your webpage, you will be able to see the differences that give you more clicks. Never stop this process, and always make sure that you test one against the other and you will find that your click through rate will eventually go up far further than what you had intended.