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MyWayLinks Review

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Most of us who own websites already understand that it can be a very difficult thing to get backlinks. Although Google would like us to believe that it is is as simple as putting good content on the Internet, the fact of the matter is that it can be very difficult to rank well without bending the rules at least a little bit. MyWayLinks allows you to bend those rules without breaking them.

Actual User Feedback:

"one site I’ve been linking slowly but steadily to is moving up slowly in ranking"
Actual User Comment from

"These are one way links, not reciprocal links, and as Google no longer values reciprocal links, it makes this system more valuable."
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"get a bunch of high PR links quickly and easily... and they're all targeted to your niche"
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What it Claims to Do:

Quite simply, MyWayLinks claims to be able to get you a variety of different backlinks on websites that are already established in the Google index. The way that they know they are indexed is because they already have page rank and in order for a website to be accepted into the network to accept links, they must be established in this way.

In order for you to receive incoming links, you must have at least one established website that is in the network accepting links. For every link that you accept, you will get a number of credits that allows you to put links on other websites. Each webmaster has the ability to approve or decline your link. This results in a high quality network of incoming links to your website.

What it Actually Does:

MyWayLinks works very well and it is kept up on a regular basis by a team of reviewers. Although, at times, the reviewers can be a little bit harsh this only serves to make sure that the link network is kept intact and that there are no links that are coming from bad neighborhoods.

If you have one website in the network, it is very easy for you to find multiple links coming in to any number of websites that you want. Having used this network for quite a while myself, being a beta user, I can say that it does exactly what it claims to do.


Although this is not the only thing that we would use in our search engine optimization, it certainly is something that we would include. We have seen increased rankings on a number of different keywords, simply because of the links that we got into our website by using the MyWayLinks network. It's an excellent tool and one that you should use in your own optimization practices.